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The best tutors to help your child.

Every Sylvan tutor must meet our highest standards for educators and pass our background check. You’ll know — with certainty — that your child is getting instruction from a reputable and qualified Sylvan-approved teacher.

Our tutors certified in the Sylvan Method™ offer the best in teaching methods and interactive technology. This means your child will feel more engaged and get the exact learning he or she needs.

And you can rest easy with our no-risk, satisfaction guarantee.

We’re 100% confident you’ll like your Sylvan In-Home tutor. That’s why we offer our Great Tutor Guarantee. If for any reason you don’t feel like your tutor is the right fit during the first session, simply let us know. We’ll be happy to give you a full credit*.

There’s absolutely no risk to you!


*Credit on your first session to be applied toward a second session with a new tutor. Limited to one time per customer.

Parent FAQs

Visit our FAQs page for questions and answers to help you better understand how Sylvan In-Home works.

How to book a session:

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    Explore our tutors and find one you like.

    You can search for tutors by subjects, grade levels, hourly rates and availability, so you can find a Sylvan tutor who’s a great fit for your family.

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    Create your free account and connect with your favorite tutor.

    It only takes a few minutes to set up your free account on our website. Then, when you’re ready to book a session with your preferred tutor, simply choose a great time and location for your family.

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    Start tutoring sessions and get ready for results!

    We start with a Sylvan Insight™ Assessment to pinpoint target areas to focus on so your tutor can help your child get results quickly.

    Our tutors can help with a variety of needs: homework help, skill building, even test prep. They’ll personalize each session to your child.

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    Book your next session

    Loved your tutor? Great! You can easily book your next session on our website.

Why Choose Sylvan In-Home Tutors?

Total convenience

Your child will get learning when and where it’s easiest for your family — from after school at your local library, to after dinner at your kitchen table. And it’s easy to schedule your tutor and pay online.

Personal attention

Your child will have a caring tutor who knows how to motivate kids. Many of our tutors are certified in our proven Sylvan Method™ — our assessment and personal learning program that leads to big results.

An engaging experience

Your child will enjoy learning that delivers more growth than going it alone! Our tutors often use SylvanSync™: interactive lessons and skill building for maximum progress, all delivered on an iPad®.

Start your free search and find a tutor who makes learning click!